Everything You Need
for a Successful


Never lose another document for your closing! Our professional Transaction Managers ensure every document is submitted to your office and stored in our software until closing is complete!

State of the
Art Software

We utilize the industry's leading software programing to manage your files, so we never miss a detail. You receive access to review your files 24/7 online or via your mobile app!

Custom Solution
Design for YOU!

Your business is unique and we don't ever want you to change it! We take the time to review our closing checklists and procedures with you. Each agent has the opportunity to customize their closing experience-from specialized steps added to the process to personalized forms, call scripts, and more.

Your Virtual
Back Office

When you hire BTC to expertly manage your closings, you don't just get your run of the mill assistant, you get an entire support team! Although you are assigned a personal transaction manager who will handle all of your closings, they are not the only resource available throughout your closing experience. All of our staff is fully trained and experienced in resolving simple and complicated situations. We thrive on helping you have the best possible closing--so we use all available resources to your benefit.


How often do you find yourself scrambling to locate a document somewhere on your computer? Do you catch yourself working crazy hours and not having enough time to spend with your family? Our Transaction Management services are designed to leverage your time and make you SUPER efficient. We provide the extra hands you need to keep you IN the field during the day and OUT of the office at night. Our clients take days off, vacations, and plan family events with confidence that their closings are under control while they are away! You can too!

& Affordable!

BTC is a virtual outsource solution for talented real estate agents just like you! We understand that you don't get paid until the closing has funded, all documentation has been provided to your broker, and the finishing touches are complete. That is why we don't take any upfront payment from you! Our staff is invested in every closing just like you are...we get paid when you get paid and not before! Our flat fee pricing makes your costs predictable with each file and payments are made directly off your HUD-1 Closing Statement. Easy, efficient, and affordable. Give us a try today!